Sometimes it is not a matter of attitude but personality

Understand, manage and make the most of personality differences at work with The Type Factor

Know yourself

We offer a non-evaluative model of human behavior that identifies preferences, strengths and potential blind spots. Deep understanding of oneself is key to improve skills, optimize performance, become a better leader, generate results and become our best version.

Understand others better

Interacting with people who are very different is not always easy. The Type Factor explains the origin of those differences and teaches us how to make the most of the strenghts that each type brings.

The Type Factor

Offers a consistent model of human behavior that identifies each persons individual preferences and types. It generates the necessary self-knowledge to improve performance and teaches to understand others with their differences, optimizing communication, relationships and results.


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The Type Factor Helps people and organizations reach their full potential



They have trusted us

THE TYPE FACTOR allowed us to know ourselves better and understand our differences perception, focus and personality wise. Thanks to this our interactions have become more fluid and the team’s confidence and cohesion has increased by discovering and taking advantage of the strengths and differences of each member”.

David Madrigal

Presidente, Element Fleet Management

“Gabriela lead a team building activity with THE TYPE FACTOR for our Regional Leadership Team. In addition to being a powerful tool for self-knowledge and development, we quickly understood each other and established action plans to improve our performance.? Gabriela is a first class professional”.

Robert Blom

Director Regional Recursos Humanos Mexico, Hilton

“By itself or as the starting point of a coaching process, THE TYPE FACTOR helps discover and validate the natural tendencies of a person, providing valuable information on their inherent strengths and their probable areas of growth”.

Matilde Leal

Directora, Cico

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