We empower people

We provide a deep vision of the strengths and personality of your people to develop leadership, improve teamwork, manage change to improve results.
Our solutions focus on developing people to transform culture, achieve sustainability and maintain competitiveness.

Supporting growth

We support organizations on specific topics such as cultural alignment, human empowerment in mergers and acquisitions and management of cultural diversity in multinational corporations. We also support the creation of development and succession plans.


We have also developed several interactive conferences to introduce diversity of styles and the constructive use of differences in organizations.

Since when is a copy better than an original? The Type Factor teaches us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and understand and appreciate others, even if they are different. “

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México +52 55 61762149
Correo: gschauman@thetypefactor.com/info@thetypefactor.com

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