Communication issues, teams that don´t work well together and low impact leadership?

Your organization lacks Relational Intelligence

These situations are common to 87% of organizations and have a negative impact on climate and results. Improving these processes is key to remain competitive.

What is Relational Intelligence?

Relational Intelligence is the ability to establish quality, collaborative and satisfactory relationships. It starts with self-knowledge to discover and manage our "default" to then understand others with their differences and be able to interact intelligently.

Relational Intelligence predicts success. The good news is that it can be developed.

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Counter-intuitively as AI advances, the human aspects that distinguish us from machines are key to establish collaborative relationships and enable critical thinking and creative solutions, in the face of disruption and change.

“A team will always generate a better solution than the smartest of its members by himself”

People who develop their Relational Intelligence will be more likely to be successful in all areas of their life.

Organizations that promote the development of this Intelligence among their collaborators may accelerate results and remain competitive.

They have trusted us

THE TYPE FACTOR allowed us to get to know ourselves better and understand our differences in perception, focus and personality. Thanks to this our interactions are more fluid, trust and cohesion in the team has been increased; taking advantage the strengths and differences of each member. “
David Madrigal

CEO, Element Fleet Management

“Gabriela facilitated an integration activity with THE TYPE FACTOR for our Regional Leadership Team. In addition to being a powerful tool for self-knowledge and development, we managed to understand each other and establish plans for action to improve our performance. Gabriela is a first class professional. “

Robert Blom

Director Regional Recursos Humanos Mexico, Hilton

“On its own or as a starting point for a coaching process, THE TYPE FACTOR helps to discover and validate the person’s natural tendencies, throwing valuable information about their inherent strengths and their probable growth areas “.

Enrique Maimone

Director, Cico

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