Type for EQ

Emotions are powerful carriers of information. Learning to understand and manage them is key to achieve goals and be successful in any area of life. Hence the importance of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is based on the perception and management of emotions. Each person, according to his style or personality, tends to perceive situations and events in a different way.

Therefore, in order to develop our emotional intelligence, it is VITAL to have the self-awareness? necessary to understand how things affect us, what triggers us and what we can do to become more effective.

The Type Factor, explores the differences objectively, logically and rationally by pointing out areas where we have natural strengths that correlate directly with emotional intelligence. Although certain types naturally tend to easily develop certain skills and abilities that are key to emotional intelligence we can ALL improve our coefficient (EQ) knowing ourselves thoroughly and self-managing, intrapersonal emotional intelligence, and better understanding others with their differences -interpersonal emotional intelligence-.

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