Leadership for Women

As women participate more and more actively in the workplace, they add responsibilities and commitments to their natural roles of home care. This combination requires focus, energy and the ability to work under pressure. To become their best version, they need self-knowledge to help them identify their natural style and / or type in order to maximize their strengths and be attentive to their blind spots and opportunities for improvement.

Under pressure we all tend to operate from our essence or default. Knowing what triggers us is the link between knowing ourselves and anticipating our less useful reactions so as not to fall prey to them.

THE TYPE FACTOR is the ideal system to help empower women in their leadership positions both at work and at home. It is a rational, objective and very practical model of human behavior that identifies personal preferences to know ourselves better and also to understand others with their differences.

This combination is the basis for establishing collaborative and trusting relationships both at work – colleagues, collaborators, clients – and in the personal arena – couples and children – These relationships are what ultimately determine the ability to objectives, goals and get satisfaction in all areas of life.

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